Khamis, 24 Jun 2010

can you still be friend with your EX?

 This is an interesting topic to be discussed! Ouch

This morning while driving to work, the topic came out from It does drove myself to ponder more about it.

Can you actually still be friend with your ex?

Can i still befriended with my exS?

well i do not know about other people but in my case i would rather say, YES. i personally appreciated each of my past relationships but when things did not work out, then both party need to move on. Apparently all of my exS are happily married and i am happily single still. So i think that there should not be any problem to still be friend with them provided they must know their limitations. They need to respect their partner's feeling and move on.

being single still is neither an indication that i am not move on nor afraid to take any relationship to the next level,

is just that now i am enjoying the journey and smell the roses along the way (ceh bak kata naju!). 

anyways, the relationship may not be right for me if i find myself jumping through hoops. but when something is right, it will feel easier and much more effortless.

so that's it!

Rabu, 23 Jun 2010

Will this be my new ADDICTION?

when i was in redang this early june, i signed up to a discovery scuba agenda and found out that activity is really cool.

was thinking to take it to another level >> would like to get a certificate for it. Looking forward for an open water course and the advanced diving..

Anybody interested..? would be nice to have 1 or 2 or 3 other friends to join in..

Selasa, 22 Jun 2010

When a Muslim fights for A Gambling Rights.

Minister Nazri said:
"U must remember that the country does not belong to the Muslims. There are things that sometimes non-Muslim do, for example, gambling. It is their culture, their way of life and we have to respect their right."
haih apabila seorang pemimpin muslim sendiri memperjuangkannya..nak buat macammana tue..?

It is very true that we need to respect the non Muslims' right, but do the government realized that Islam is Malaysia's National Religion. There are certain principles, rules and regulations that uphold the meaning of that "National Religion". Bukalah akta mana-mana di Malaysia ini. Every singles clause that been formulated in each acts in Malaysia had considered EVERY RIGHTS of the citizens regardless you are a Muslim or non Muslim.

Tidak cukupkah lagi dengan nikmat-nikmat yang telah diberi selama ini, which shared equally by the non-muslims and even for some Muslims:
1. Having the multi-million benefits from casino in Genting?
2. Having 4D outlets every single corner of any shoplots?
3. Having license for liquors?
4. Having license for entertainment hubs?
Tak cukup yea Minister Nazri..? Greedy isnt..? Do you ever consider the effect of gambling activities in the community at large?
"Berapa ramai sudah orang bankrup because of gambling?"
"Berapa banyak kemusnahan telah terjadi di dalam sesuatu institusi kekeluargaan kerana aktiviti judi yang berleluasa?"
"How much these gambling activities may lead to other major crimes?"
hmm tepuklah kepala anda dan berfikirlah secara rasional; supaya cepat tersedar dari mimpi indah mendapatkan kekayaan dari lesen judi yang ingin diberi dan diluluskan (lagi dan lagi) itu.. cukup-cukuplah dengan apa yang ada sekarang..

Anyhow, who am i to argue these matters, right?

Hanyalah pemikir cabuk dari JPBD.

Isnin, 21 Jun 2010

My fruitful Sunday!

Sunday this week, is full of activities. Pretty occupied from morning till night.

what did i do;

Morning : Played tennis with Naju and 3 other friends. Different venue for this time, Tennis Complex Jalan Duta. Performance-wise, yeah getting better :)

Reach home around 10.30am and start with laundary. Fuh 2 bakul terus utk basuh. one for the washing machine and another one need my own kudrat to wash all. Ye la, all the silk-chiffon thingy, better hand wash..or it will turns up to be something else!


Went out to Suria KLCC for a movie: Sex and the City 2. Yikes! Despite having critics all over the world about this sequel,  I did chuckle in my seat a few times, well..many times actually for the big laugh. That is, until they decided to travel to another country, the Abu Dhabi, and start offending other cultures in a manner that should be frowned upon. I have no idea how people of middle eastern decent will view this movie. I'd imagine that they would be highly offended as I am. Going to another country to visit and enjoy culture is one thing, 

but going there and not having the slightest respect for their laws and telling them to "Fuck You!" while flicking them off because you disagree with their customs is another.

Anyhow thanks to Mirinda who keeps on reminding her girlfriends to observe. hehhe i always love her!

yeah, Mr Big>>> is there any Malaysian here like him?! hug and kisses to him! His maturity and the way he rationalizing things wins hands down!

After finished the movie, we continue with shopping. Hasil tangapan hari ini amat memuaskan hati. Ive got a new purse! wihihi

Outing hari ini tamat jam 10pm. Thanks to Ayu and Naju for the accompaniment. Love ya!

The most important thing:

N yeah, happy father day to my ayah. Dia keje hari ini..ingat esok nk kuar banjer makan la... n ade surprise to both ut ayah n mak besok... TUNGGGUUUUUUUUUUUU!

Sabtu, 19 Jun 2010

Back from hibernating!

o hi!

its been such a awhile...... the mood is not around to write in here, until today.

my last entry was pertaining to my jogja trip. it stops on the day 2. hehehhe, will make sure to continue  writing about it later k.. the reason being is, i lost my traveling journal! well its misplaced somewhere, dont know where the hell i keep it. thot it was on my dining table but its no more there. hmm...  

hmm been very busy, juggle things from my workload to my personal hire-wire life. but will write more soon....

till next time, muah!