Ahad, 27 September 2009

Salam Eid Mubarak

Hari ini hari Ahad, 27th September 2009. Genap seminggu umat Islam di seluruh dunia menyambut hari yang dinanti2 selepas hampir sebulan umat Islam menjalani ibadat puasa di bulan Ramadhan.

Di hari raya pertama, aku berada di kampungku, Kg Changkat Kurnia, Bukit Chandan Kuala Kangsar. Bkt chandan merupakan hometown kepada ibuku. Almost every year, we spend celebrate our Raya here. We love it anywhere. Sanak saudara di sebelah ibuku selalunya berkumpul di rumah opahku yang membuatkan suasana amat meriah lagi menyeronokkan setiap kali kami sekeluarga pulang ke kampung berhari raya.

Kami kembali ke KL pada hari raya ketiga. Ini adalah kerana, ayahku perlu kembali bekerja untuk keesokkan harinya. DI dalam perjalanan pulang, kami singgah di hometown ayahku, Kg Tua Bt.16, LAmbor Kanan, PArit Perak. Menziarahi kubur arwaah atukku dan dan seterusnya ke rumah sanak saudara di sebelah ayahku.

HAri ini, pada raya yang ke-7, aku hanya duduk di rumah menunggu sanak sedara come for a visit. Kami masak nasik ayam n mihoon gureng. Yeah..its mounth-watering! Everyone is invited..

n the downside is: tomorrow is a working day!!! malas-malas-malas

entry tamat.

Rabu, 16 September 2009

Ada Apa dengan Del Potro?!

Ada apa dengan Del Potro?

He’s got magnificent forehand.

He’s got de high, 6 feet 6’ (orang ke ape ni ?!)

He routed Nadal easily at semifinal and wen tru US Open Final.

And he pummeled Federer, 6-3, 6-7, 6-4, 6-7, 2-6 for his first grand slam title!

And yeah, he’s only 20 years old.

I think He can be in ranking no. 1 within a year or two. We wait and see.

Anyhow, Raf Nadal is still my faveret! He will find ways to beat this kid next time!

haha! ;)

Isnin, 14 September 2009

Mengapa Mengantuk..?

Mengapa orang mengantuk..?

Mesti sebab tak cukup tidor!

sebab apa tak cukup tidor..?

Sebab masa yang sepatutnya tido buat mende lain.. contohnya:

1. buat kuih raya

2. banyak yg dipikir dalam kepala sampai tak bole tido

3. bangun utk Qiyammulayle

4. Gayut

tapi saye mengantuk hari ini sebab semalam tengok match Nadal lawan del Potro (gambo seperti disebelah) di semifinal yang kesudahannya Nadal kalah...sedih, sbb dah tak dapek nk cuci mate tgk Nadal lagi utk US Open neh..hehe ;)

adik..cube lagi di next gland slam yea.

Entry hari ini tamat.

Selasa, 8 September 2009


Sambung lagi..

Kami sampai di Laban Rata dalam pukul 3pm. it was showering when we get close to de place. Thinning air makes it harder to breathe. and de body easily get tired!
am deliriously happy. haha!!

Laban Rata Resthouse is equipped with running water, electricity, a restaurant and indoor showers and toilets. Electric heaters are provided in the rooms as well as blankets. Dis is our pitt stop for resting place.

Weather @ Laban Rata was so chilling as we are about 10,000 feet above sea level. i wear my thick sweater all de time thou.

de mountain seems like right behind u!

waktu nie strong wind n chilling!
above de cloud..

waiting for sunset..approx 6.15pm

beautiful sunset @ 10,000 feet above sea level..

Having some meals to regain back my energy @ laban rata cafe.

i slept early dat nite, i think around 8pm, after having dinner. It is because i have to wake up early - at about 2.00am, to continue for de second phase of the climb. Taken right before we start our night climb.
So de next morning, around 3.00am, we started our second phase climb. Above Laban Rata, de trail continues as a series of wooden ladders, fashioned out tree roots and branches. At dis time around, good headlight is essential as most of the time we have to hold something for stability. It gives u way to flatter, more easy walking just below Sayat-Sayat, when de true edge of the tree-line is reached. My friend Kuna, stop de climb after an half and hour climbing due to serious coughing. Our guide send her back and leave us alone to continue our climb n he will catch us soon as he can. Nways, we continue our climb n it took me about more than an hour to Sayat-Sayat. Sayat- sayat is de highest mountain hut at 3810 meters (12,500 feet). The dwarfed vegetation at this altitude contrast sharply with enormous silver black dome of the summit.

well along de way,ropes are fixed at difficult places, but these are more to inspire confidence than from necessity. i always keep close to the rope. Dis is because u would not get lost if u stay close by. There are some places where the trail is very steep, almost 70° angle. Carefull is essential at dis time. I dont take much photos during my climb up to sayat-sayat. as the wind is sooooo freezing cold as i my fingers are numb. and its dark surrounding as well. 100% relying on my headlight.

Tough grasses and other plants cling to rock cervices, flowering and fruiting only a few centimeters tall. Then we pass de 8km mark with de South Peak and St. John's Peak on ur left. It was sunrise dat time. The views are beautiful..From here de bare granite slabs stretch endlessly ahead to the pile of jumbled rocks that is Low's Peak.

Sunrise @ de plathaeu..

The view of the surrounding peaks is magnificent. Masha Allah. i think by 6.00am, i can see most of the peak very clearly. This is usually the best time to take pictures of the sunrise and the peak.

Me and Kak Ton reached de Low's Peak around 6.45am. It was such a superb feeling. Unbelieveable! SPEECHLESS!. After all de efforts dat hv been put in, we finaly on top of de highest mountain in South East Asia.

Awesome rocks

After half an hour at de top, we decide to start descending. Further down on de right is the South Peak. If the weather is clear, you will also be able to see Kundasang and Ranau town from here. Along de summit plateau, we walk down with de Ugly Sister's Peak and Donkeys Ears on de left.

Further down, we arrived at Sayat-Sayat Hut and refill our water bottle with de mountain water. it's de water from 13,000 feet above sea level!
To be frank, im little bit nervous while descending after sayant-sayat hut. Ini adalah kerana, de drop everything is very clear. U'll see de clear 70% drop steepness. Luckily, it was dark while climbing, n we dont see anything like that. Afterall, de views still magnificent!

hmm dah nampak dah laban rata dari sini..
Kami tiba di Laban rata dalam pukul 11am. a bit late if compare to other climbers. but i really enjoyed dis trip very much. will definately come to scale again dis mountain next time!

Jumaat, 4 September 2009


i think i have enough for the preparation. Now i shall concentrate on de journey..

Hari yang ditunggu telah tiba. PAda 7th Ogos, Aku bertolak dari KL ke KK dengan Air Asia, dpt beli return ticket flight RM 200. Perjalanan ke destinasi yang dituju telah diwarnai perkare yang agak tidak disangka tp best kerana dapat satu flight ngan mawi dan ekin. Ceh, dapat bergambar lagi ngan mawi ;). Walopun aku tak brape suke sgt ngan ekin tue, tp diakui si ekin tue mmg cantik! Patutle mawi nak regardless wat people have said.

Flight take off dalam kol 10.30am. Sepanjang perjalanan, aku tido! Alih2 dah sampai KK. Landing kat KK rasenye dalam kol 1pm kot. Sesampai di KK airport, terus aku dan kak ton bergegas ke tempat menunggu bas utk ke KK Town. Tunggu bas lame juge. Ade la dalam sejam lebih rasenye. Rase bosan menunggu bas, aku decide utk amek taxi. Cost us RM 10 to reach KK Town.
Perjalanan dari airport ke KK Town mengambil masa dalam 15 minit, takde la jauh sangat. Walaubagaimanapun, disebabkan kami tidak pernah sampai di tempat yang dituju iaitu di kawasan sekitar Majlis Bandaran Kota Kinabalu, makanya, kami telah ditipu oleh pemandu teksi dan diturunkan di Plaza Wawasan. Quite far frm de place where we should be drop off. Sigh!
Nways, We gather with Kuna there. Actually dats our first meet with Kuna. We had lunch at KFC nearby before decided to go to bus terminal for our next trip.
Kami menaiki taxi ( pajero actually) ke Kundasang pada jam 4pm. Perjalanan ke Kundasang mengambil masa dalam 2 jam. Apabila sampai di Kundasang, hari sudah gelap walaupun jam masih pukul 6pm. Kami menginap di Bayu Homestay dan very happy with de accommodation, I did mentioned it before thou.
Setelah selesai membersihkan diri etc, kami makan n get ourselve ready for next day trekking trip. We are all excited, do de packing- sorting things for our stay @ laban rata. we manage to get things all together in 1 small bag n then everyone zzzzzzzzzzzz.....

The next morning, we leave Bayu Homestay around 6.15am. We walk for 5 minutes to get to de restaurant in front of kinabalu park entrance and have our breakfast there. Kami berjumpe Sigol, our mount guide semasa breakfast la. ;). He looks like a very patient guy n maybe can tolerate with our slow pace trekking, so we decide to choose him dan mentioned his name semasa menregisterkan diri utk trekking pagi itu.

After having our climbing permit, a name tag, Sigol- de guide+ porter> utk kak ton, we r taken to deTimpohon Gate , the entrance to the summit trail where you will start climbing. Mini vans are provided by de park for climbers and It is a 15 minutes drive along the 4 km winding and a steep uphill road leads to directly to the gate...

We start our climbing at 8.00am frm Timpohon Gate. Makanya our journey bermula..

Dari timpohon gate, de trail rises steadily as a series of rough, uneven steps, right up ke Laban Rata (3,272 meters/10,735 feet).

Along de way, kami menempuhi 7 pondok untuk berehat. Setiap shelter have toilets and untreated mountain water source. de shelters afford de weary some well earned rest at intervals and de water tanks will make it easy for each climbers as u do not have to carry heavy water bottles wif you. Secara averagenya, it tooks me almost 7 hours to get to Laban Rata. (8.30am - 3.00pm)

I do take my own sweet time while trekking dis mountain n yeah good photos as well...

De first shelter Pondok Kandis, is located at 1,981 meters (6,499 feet).It is a steep 45 minutes climb to the shelter.

Kuna and our guide, SIGOL

After Pondok Kandis, we'll pass tru few other shelters, Pondok Ubah @ 2095 meters (6874 feet), Pondok Lowii @2286 meters, 7500 feet, Pondok Mempening @ 2518 meters, 8262 feet with wild begonias growing nearby, and then Pondok Layang-Layang @ 2,702 meters (8865 feet), where a small tin hut provides a welcome resting place for weary climbers.

After Layang-layang, we arrived at Pondok Villosa @2,690 meters (8,825 feet), . It is situated at de top of an open rocky patch, i can say de place got superb vistas by having mountain towering above you as you follow de path upwards.

smwhre @ villosa

rasa seperti di valley but yet u r almost 9,000ft above sea level...

mount kinabalu as background

still feel de clouds n wind..

to be continued..