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Penceritaan disambung kembali..

So booking diconfirm pada Mac 2009. There'll be 3 of us. Me, kak Ton (my ofismate n she's on her 50's) sgt kuat semangat, and Kuna, A friend dat i know frm Facebook. Shes been to kinabalu on october 2008 but not be able to scaled de mountain till de peak. she was actually looking for opportunity to come again n saw my plan smwhr n asking to join us. i just say yes n was very lucky to hv her in our group. She introduced us a cheap place to stay near to kinabalu park and its was worth for money. Imagine, we just spend onli RM15 pernite at BAYU HOMESTAY and the accommodation was good. Almost similar to what people have in kinabalu park but de differences is de rate. Hostel at kinabalu park may cost u around RM70 per nite and Bayu homestay which located right across de street was only RM15 ! (y is so different?? hmm special thanks to sabah government for privatising kinabalu park to Sutera Sanctuary Lodge. SSL pays 1.5 millions every year to Sabah Government and de contract last for 30years) Idiot! and people, de public at large are at de losing side as we need to pay high for accomodation @ our own national park due to de privatisation! Sgt menyedihkan..

travel tips: Never book your accommodation inside kinabalu park. Find Bayu Homestay n have ur nite there. Worth every single cents. Onli 5 minutes walking to the park and de place even have ASTRO in their room. Weird but very true!

Inilah dia Bayu Homestay

the living room (make sure u book rooms @ second floor as the place is better compared to rooms downstair. Far better actually.)

Aku berada di Sabah dari 7 hingga 11 hb Mei. So sebelum dan selepas mendaki gunung kinabalu, we decide to stay @ Bayu Homestay. Cheap but yet fulfil our basic sleeping needs.
Before i go further, lets talk bout preparation for climbing equipment first.
To be frank, Mendaki Gunung Kinabalu nie does not need any special climbing tools. U just need a healthy body and some minimal non-technical climbing equipment. Suggested basic equipment that U need during the climb, make it categorized according to de climbing phases:
A: From Timpohon Gate to Laban Rata:

Its gonna be a day climb, so usually warm and sunny.
1. So lightweight clothing like t-shirts and bermudas sufficient. Track bottom is okay.
2. Cap/hat.
3. Sun-glasses
4. Raincoat, in case of rain. Disposable raincoat is easily available in Kota Kinabalu and Kinabalu Park.
5. Good shoes. Sports shoe is adequate. Rubber sandals/slippers. Some of the climbers use only open-toe rubber sandals with thick socks during de first part of the climb. It can also be used in the wet bathroom during your stay in Laban Rata.
6. Sunblock cream (demi kecantikan..hahahah)
7. Face towels.
8. 1 liter water bottle. Actually u can refill your water during the climb on each shelter.
9. Food that is light and easy to eat - like raisins, chocolate, nuts, energy bars- i suggest from POWERBAR and some oral rehydration salts.
10. Plastic bags.
11. Medicines:

  • Painkillers (paracetamol/PANADOL is adequate. Strong painkillers shoudn't
    be taken as they may mask de symptoms of altitude sickness)

  • Blister treatment

  • Anti-nausea/anti-vomiting tablets

  • Plasters/Band Aids

  • Sun block for skin & lips (Factor 15+)

  • Knee supports etc.

  • Oral rehydration salts/sachets

  • 14.Waist pouch. It will also be used during de second part of the climb.
    13. Your backpack. Better to have a waterproof one. If not, pack everything in double plastic bag in case of rain. Try to limit it to less than 5 kilo. It would be a burden for u to bring more than that. Or u can just hire a porter. they charge u 1 kilo: RM4-5.
    14.Still or video camera. This is a must. Bring spare batteries, memory cards (for digital). u would not want to miss anything, right?
    15. Walking/hiking stick (trekking pole), Sgt sgt menbantu! Cost u at least RM 3-5 at kinabalu park.
    16. Towels: kalo bole sekecik yg bole la- asal dpt lap ape2 yg patut ;) , toothbrush and toothpaste. Soap is provided in Laban Rata. u can have your bath in a heated bathroom there.
    B: Laban Rata to Low's Peak
    It is a NIGHT CLIMB. Very cold and windy. So, warm clothes is essential. It reaches below 5°C at the peak! So wat u need is:
    1. Torchlight. Headlight is better as most of de time u have to hold the rope in the dark.
    2. Balaclava mask. It will protect ur face from de cold wind.
    3. Gloves. Waterproof gloves is best, but two pair of good wool gloves is necessary. It will protect ur hands from rope burn and cold.
    4. Wind breaker or jackets, long sleeves shirts, thick trousers/cargo pants, thick socks and good shoes.
    5.Ski mask, to protect your head from cold and the wind.
    6.Small water bottle (500ml bottle is enough). De only place to refill u bottle is at Sayat-sayat Hut.
    7. Raincoat.
    8. Some light foods>>u gonna need energy bar.
    9. Camera with enough memory cards or film and batteries.
    10.Waist pack is handy at this time as u could keep your camera and raincoat inside.
    Ive done with de equipment! So lets talk bout some preparation for your health.

    It is recommended that all climbers should have themselves medically checked before attempting any mountain climb. If you have a history of suffering from the following ailments, it is highly recommend that you should refrain from climbing: Hypertension, Diabetes, Palpitation, Arthritis, Heart disease, severe anemia, Peptic ulcers, Epileptic fits, Obesity (overweight), Chronic asthma, Muscular cramps, Hepatitis (jaundice); or any other disease which may hamper the climber.

    The above note is given by de Sabah Park Authorities. It is advisable to follow their guidelines as to minimize de risk of u gettin' ill on top of de mountain.
    I can say, climbing kinbalu is usually a "once in a lifetime" experience for most people, so is vital that proper preparations are made beforehand. With superior information and sufficient time to prepare, u stand an extremely good chance of reaching de summit. u have prepared all de necessary climbing preparation earlier, but wat about your health and fitness? Are u fit enough to climb de highest mountain in South East Asia?
    Here are some tips:
    Although majority of routes leading to de summit of Kinabalu require no technical climbing skills, some kind of training beforehand is important. It is important to remember dat u will be hiking on surfaces with varying angles which may put lots of stress on ur ankles and knees. It is also worth remembering that most of the injuries which occur upon climbing happen on de way down. When climbing de mountain, take a slow pace to allow ur body to acclimatize to de altitude, as at 3000 meters, u only have 70% of de oxygen u would normally have at sea-level.
    Wat you need to climb this mountain are:
    1. decent physical condition.
    2. u must not have heart or lung problems.
    3. healthy knees and ankles.
    4. Take your time and know your physical limitations.


    As i said before, Although mount kinabalu is not a technical mountain climb, it is a major challenge and de rigors of altitude should not be underestimated. De ascent is not difficult in climbing terms, BUT it is very strenuous, especially for those who are not very fit. De pace of your ascent coupled with good acclimatization will help u on de climb but it is essential to be mentally and physically prepared before u start.
    Regular hikes are one of de best ways to prepare, increasing frequency and length as u get closer to the trek. Dats y i choose to hike tabuh dan nuang before my hike to kinabalu. Climbing stairs can be beneficial. i hike up stair frm 5th to 20th floor for almost a month to gain my stamina and learn breathing. Generally, any exercise dat increases heart rate for 20 minutes a day is helpful but don't over do it just before de climb.
    De following steps are a guide to achieving acclimatization:

    Water : A fluid intake of 4 - 5 liters per day is recommended. Fluid intake improves circulation and most other bodily functions, but does not increase fluid leakage from de body. Thirst should not be an indicator of proper fluid intake, if your urine is clear then u are drinking enough. BUt if its too yellow then..pepaham le. Get more to drink! During the climb, drinking water is taken from mountain streams. Obviously untreated water so to say.

    Slow Walk : Pace is a critical factor on ur climb. Unless there is a very steep uphill section your breathing rate should be de same as if u were walking down the street. If u cannot hold a conversation u are walking too fast. Walk "softly" allowing your knees to gently cushion each pace. Jalan pelan-pelan is the phrase of the day.

    I can say, many people suffer from headaches, nausea or disorientation due to mild altitude sickness at de overnight hostel at Laban Rata (3,262 meters/10,703 feet). Headache tablets and anti-nausea medications may help, but if symptoms are severe do not continue de climb.


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