Selasa, 14 Disember 2010

its ok' for not being a SUPERWOMEN..

lilin membakar diri..

Tengahari nie baca surat kabar, agak tertarik dengan satu artikel dalam NST :

Pertaining to how to strive balance in life for career women, particularly those who are married and have children in hands.

In juggle things between career and family, whatever role you are in, focus on it and dont stress over your other roles. What i always see is, women are also always subordinating themselves to other people's needs, especially at office. They are afraid to offend, upset or dissapoint others, and the result is an imbalance in their lives because they know how to give but not know how to receive. At some points, women always eager to please but what they really need to is - learned to let go the habit. For instance, when it comes to a crucial decision, women need to stood their ground instead of taking the route that would please others.

At few cases, women work hard but fail to make their bosses realise just how much they do. They then end up frustrated and resentful when those who dont do much get promoted. Its very important that women not "buy into" the things people say about them. When people put u down, its always because they have low self-esteem, and the article suggests we can deal with such negative people in three ways. First option, u can have nothing to do with them- eliminate them in your life. Secondly, if you cant do the first option, try to minimise contact with them. Thirdly, put on an "invisible shield" so you have the ability to deflect the negatives things which come their way.

At this point, yes, theres little we can do to control what people dish out to us, but we can always choose how we are going to react to it. Isnt it?

First task:

After finished your work hour, can you keep your mobile phone "switched off" from any job-related thingy..?

12 ulasan:

  1. i like!

    but being a superwomen
    is amazingly KEWL~


  2. err...

    i'll fail doing the first task. :D

  3. @BDC:
    yeah..being a superwomen is actually super kewllll. as long as you understand your limitation, your own carrying capacity..;p

    aku rase aku bukan seorang yg mampu jika mungkin satu hari nanti rezeki dtg to have my own family. (pemikiran buat mase sekarang) ;)

  4. @GB:
    ok, first task is applicable utk sesiapa yang sudah berkeluarga.

    utk kita yg kebujangan ini, even sekarang masih bole lagi pikir bab keja kat umah (bagi mengelakkan memikirkan bende2 yg x sepatutnya ;p..) maklumla..rumah is the second office. ngeh ngeh..

  5. i fail 1st task all the time!
    [not even after work hour. during day off also. aiyo!]

  6. @tupai merah:

    itu normal bagi kite yg single neh. kene target jea. aku ok jea wat mase neh. takpe reda.

    tp..bile dah berkeluarga satu hari nanti, working drive kene slow down sket kot. x bole pakai gear sama. meloncat kereta. ;p

  7. supermom! hahaha..nway tanx for the sharing!

  8. superwomen mmg dikagumi..
    skrg tgh bujang mmg keje je fikir..
    risau nnt dh kawen kena bhagi masa plak..

  9. its not easy to be super.
    so akak pilih jadi yang sederhana je.
    tapi nak capai tahap sederhana pun kene gigih berusaha.

  10. @fiza:
    betul tue, certain things perlu di-adjust..

  11. @akak gorjes:

    betul tue kak, pasai itu its alright for not being a super one. sedang-sedang aja..;)