Isnin, 22 Mac 2010

i started to miss doing BIRDING...camne nie..?

Its been many months since the last time i do birding. I used to do it with a friend of mine, Har, who is very well good in identifiying any birds passing by. and Fraser's Hill is one of our faveret spot to do this activity :)

Well, there are a great variety of birds residing in the area. Its because of the area has been gazetted as a protected area for quite sometimes and the birds have become more approachable. i told you, quite often birds like the silver-eared mesia would go about happily foraging in a shrub just a few feet from you.

little cutie: silver-eared mesia

Once a year, visitors from around the world descend upon the village for the Annual International Bird Race. No, it's not a pigeon race, nothing of that sort! It's a race to spot as many bird species as possible within the hill top area in a given time. Sometimes, watching these participating individuals can be rather entertaining and cute. Ever seen birdwatchers hanging out of car windows, trying to spot birds, moving at speeds of 50km/hr? (Speed of 40km/hr is an accepted standard at Fraser's). enjoy the nature, nice climate and such a romantic gateawy for lovers :)

 many people (mainly foreigners) came to fraser's hill only to participate in the bird race.

Every road you took, IF YOU PUT YOURSELF IN AN ALERT MODE, you will see them:

A Chestnut-capped Laughingthrus

A white-throated fantail 

and many more.....

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