Isnin, 15 Mac 2010


Suddenly feel like wanna revive all de memories frm my varsity years. it was fun, i had good friends. funny and reliable studio mate. This entry is truly a TRIBUTE to my 4 years of being a planning student @ UIA.

Frm left: Mas, Odah, Munie. This photo is taken on Year 2000. we came here for a study visit. its actually our first time studio visit!

well..Obviously Yerma Seline tgh gelak tak ingat..Razman termenung ape tuh?!

Masih teringat lagi insiden mase nie. Razman naik angin sbb order dia lambat sampai..heheheh

with Munie..gonna have her second child sooooon. Am happy for you..

oh kak ira! pekabor le kamu sekarang?!..
with consultancy @ melaka. tak ingat dah company mane. Skema ea sume pakai tudung putih ;)

to be continued..

2 ulasan:

  1. just a sight at these pics made my automatically smile...keep it up mas. huhuhu

  2. huhuhu..nie baru part 1 nye..sat lagi aku publish de next part..:)