Isnin, 20 Jun 2011

And here we go: Wimbledon 2011!

"I think I try my best every day to keep improving my tennis," he added. "I wake up every day in order to practice with the illusion to be better player than day before. I think I'm a more complete player than few years ago, I am sure on that. But being better doesn't mean that you going to win more. Because winning or losing depends on different facts and small things. I love to play big matches. I love to play in big stadiums like here, historic stadiums like Wimbledon. So for me, when I start playing my first match of the tournament in the Centre Court that is a dream." - Rafa Nadal.
This is the main reason, i adore him. He is humble. He knows his limitation. He continues practicing to get better. No matter what the result is, winning or losing: He knows, he is improving. No regrets.

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  1. Everyday when I wake up....I just feel like crying because I need to go to work!!! Uwahhhh !!!!!!!!!!

  2. saya suka tengok tenis.
    saya suka federer lebih dari nadal.
    saya suka djokovic lebih dari nadal.
    tapi saya suka nadal sbb dia x mudah mengalah.

  3. @aspen:

    ohh u need to something with that! quickly

  4. @tupaitanah:

    saye suke juge djokovic sebab dia makin improve dia punya tenis drastically. but i love rafa more. :)

  5. Mas ko memang fanatik ngan tennis . akak minat badminton plak.

  6. @kak ina DDC:

    heheee idokle fanatik sgt kak..saye follow sikit2 jea nie. mana yg larat..:)