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Final Wimbledon 2011: Nadal Vs Djokovic

Alright, here we go. Its been almost 2 weeks since the tournament started. And tonight is the climax. Wimbledon 2011, the Finale. Will be played by both outstanding players, the unbeatable Nole Djokovic (unofficially:he's currently the World No. 1) and my longtime-sweetheart, Rafa Nadal. ;)

huhhh berdebar-debar neh..

1st set:
9.13pm: 1st game begins with Nole starts serving!
9.21pm: 1-1
Nole is doing well to defend his game. Rafa started to return serving well. but his backhand seems a bit weaker at the moment. Crashed on net twice already. Anyhow, still tight now.
9.30pm: 2-2
First volley from Nole. Nice one. so does Rafa's. beautiful as well.
9.38am: tight 3-3
Game is getting interesting. Nole holds his game beautifully. Ace and another ace by Rafa. Powerful service but at times, Nole still can return it very well. nways, game still tight.
9.46pm: 4-4
Drop volley by Nole. Beautiful working in front of net. Nole holds his game. Rafa's serve is getting even more stronger. beautiful angle from Nole to get the 30-15. Then 30-30. Pressure on Rafa thou. 40-30 with Nole leads. Seriously im nervous. and wow..
9.56pm: Nole win the set, 6-4.

2nd Set:
oh dear, rafa has chance to lead the next game but dont use it properly. Nole holds his game. Unforced error by Rafa is getting increased. at times, long return out of the baseline. and 40-30 with nole leads. and hmm i dont like this..
10.08pm: Nole leads with 2-0. Alamak, its an emergency for Rafa fans.
Rafa saves few points. but thats not enough. Nole is playing very good at this time. Put a lot of pressures on Rafa. Nole holds his game. still leads with..
10.13pm: 3-0
Nice two aces from Rafa. I dont know how he handles the pressure. and he holds still.
10.17pm: Rafa wins his game but Nole still leads with 3-1.
rafa is trying his best to seal the game but Nole is too good to hold it.
10.21pm: Nole still leads with 4-1.
Spectacular returns from Nole on the line. Unforced error by Rafa again, weak backhand. Hmm Nole really plays good points at this moment. and again, 
10.26pm: Nole leads 5-1. Honestly i am puzzled. What happen to Rafa actually.
Less intensity from Rafa i guess. Unshackable play by Nole and he seals the game.
10.28pm: Nole wins the set with 6-1. Outstanding play by Nole actually. Flawless!

3rd set:
Disbelieved, yes. I am expecting Rafa to fight back.
alright Rafa, for this set u really need to bring it on. u have to win this set or else, Nole will win the final match in straight set. And i know its not an easy task.
10.34pm: Rafa leads with 1-0.
and yes, Rafa breaks the point for the first time in the match. and..
10.40pm: Rafa leads with 2-0.
10.41pm: Rafa still leads with 3-0.
Unforced error by Nole increased. But he gives good serve. hmm tweening Rafa not working this time la pule..Nole holds on.
10.47pm: 3-1, with Rafa still in the lead.
Rafa is getting more comfortable in his game. He seals it. Fighting at his very best. (He has to!). First double fault of the match from Nole and Rafa has the advantage.
10.57pm: Rafa still leads with 5-1.
40-0 and,
10.59pm: Rafa at last, win a set. 6-1

4st set:
ok, u still need to win this set Rafa. or else you will loose this final match. i know you are in great pressure now, but i hope that u can handle it very well. U always do it before, and hope that u will be able to do it again, now.
Nways, back to the game.
To win the first game with Nole on serve is very important. Rafa is fighting  for it. but just not enough. Just not yet. Nole holds his game. On the other hand, forehand Rafa went long. and he failed to seal his game. So unlucky for u Rafa.
11.12pm: Nole leads with 2-0
Good serve by Nole but surprisingly, Rafa managed to seal the next game. oh dear, crucial part of the game in this set. Rafa has to seal one more game to get on track. and he managed to hold on. Thank God.
11.20pm: its tight 2-2
Nole is trying to win his next game. But Rafa is doing the same thing. Better chance to win this set if he can get a break point. But Nole holds on. Either way, its Nole now try to seal Rafa's game. Good service by Rafa helps him to hold on.
11.30pm: still tight 3-3
Nole starting with good-awesome serve,difficult for Rafa to return it. Good service game thou. And Nole holds it again. Rafa better do the same thing in the next game or Nole will seal it. But Rafa did his first double fault at this hour. Not good dear, not good.  0-40 with Nole in the lead. This is very dangerous for Rafa. I think Rafa need to do an ace. but he didnt. oh dear..Rafa loose his game.
11.38pm: Nole leads with 5-3.
I think at this time Nole couldn't wait to win his game. Backhand Rafa stuck in the net. 30-15. Rafa try to hold 30-30. 30-40..hmm championship point for Nole. and he made it.
11.43pm: 6-3, Nole wins his first Wimbledon title. 

So unlucky for Rafa. but Nole deserves it. He played better tennis tonight. He's too determined to win his first Wimbledon. He outplayed Rafa very well.

Alright Rafa, thats not the end of your world yet. I still love you thou.

His last words at the match:
Congratulations Novak for today and an amazing season. Wimbledon for me has always been the most special tournament, when I won for the first time the emotion was very high so I know how that feels for Novak today. Thank you for the organization and everyone who makes this tournament possible. It's a dream to have been in the final but it wasn't my day. I will try again next year. 

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  1. jangan sedeh saya menang ye..


  2. @mentadakmentadu:

    x kesah, ade hari kita akan menang dan ada hari kita akan kalah. Apa yang penting, perlu bersedia utk menghadapinya :)

  3. true warrior doesnt quit easily.