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Nadal vs Murray, Semifinal Wimbledon 2011

11.44pm: Semifinal Wimbledon 2011 Nadal vs Murray sudah bermula!!!

1st set:
11.48pm: 1-1
11.50pm: Andy requests for the trainer to come out. Sakit ke?
11.55pm: The game start back.
11.58pm: 2-2
12.07am: 3-3
at this stage, serve andy is better than rafa. he even returning serve very well. Rafa you have to improve your serving!
12.16am: 4-4
12.24am: 5-5..yeah,pretty tight..memasing tak mau drop a game yet. but rafa backhand's is a bit loose somehow. kandas saje ke net.
anyhow, the fun part begins..
12.32am: 6-5 with andy on the lead.
12.36am: oh dear 0-40, andy lead the game..ngeeee
12.38am: hmmm andy won the first set, with 7-5
what a nervous game. Rafa never drop his first set to anyone yet at this tournament but tonite he did. andy deserved it actually. He returned serve very nicely, gave his serving well, very good in handling pressure. he's getting strong mentally i guess.

2nd set:
12.41am: 2nd set begins.
12.48am: 1-1. Rafa serving getting better. thank god..
12.56am: 2-2
my fingers are getting colder. i have no idea why. butterflies are flying in my stomach now.i dont feel good at this moment. anyhow, unforced error by andy getting increased. this can be an advantage to rafa. and yeah,
1.00am: Rafa leads with 3-2.
Nadal has started getting his range. bit by bit.
1.05am: Rafa still leads with 4-2
too many unforced error done by andy.
1.08am: Rafa leads with 5-2. 
Rafa for the next serve game. and yes!
1.13am: Game set for Rafa. 6-2

Alright, now is back to the square! 1-1. The situation make things more interesting actually! Rafa please maintain your momentum for the next set. i want you to WIN.

3rd set:
1.15am: 3rd set begins
Nadal starting to take control of the match here. and,
1.21am: Rafa leads with 1-0
Serving by rafa is getting more powerful. and andy seems melting down?
1.24am: Rafa leads 2-0, and hopefully still counting.
1.27am: Andy wins the game but Rafa still leads with 2-1
1.32am: Rafa leads 3-1 
Andy is getting on his track back. and..
1.36am: Andy wins his game but Rafa still leads with 3-2
Nadal serving getting wide and striking. Ace and another ace.
1.40am: Rafa continues his lead with 4-2
Things are getting better at Rafa's side. Andy continuing stuck with unforced error. i guess  nervous taking his toll.
1.44am: Rafa again leads with 5-2
1.49am: Game for Rafa. 6-2

ohh what a relief watching Rafa leads the set now. Yes, he drops the first set but he catch up and move on to the next set. One more set. And if he wins, he will be in the final. Djokovic is waiting already.

4th set:
1.52am: 4th set begins.
it looks impossible but it possible when it comes to
1.55am: Rafa leads with 1-0
Rafa started playing his outstanding backhands again and again. and..
1.59am: Rafa leads with 2-0
Couples of double faults made by andy. Alamak , rafa terslip down la plak..huhuhu and andy seals his game.
2.05am: Andy wins his game but Rafa still leads with 2-1.
Beautiful serves by Rafa. But andy can returns his serve. and Andy is getting better. Inspiring return thou. Stuck at deuce few times actually. gee..andy dragging him. anyhow,
2.15am: Rafa still standing with the lead, 3-1
2.19am: Andy hold by winning the game but Rafa still leads with 3-2
Game is getting interesting. Andy is fighting but not that good to return Rafa's serve.
2.24am: Rafa still leads with 4-2.
Rafa save few points but not enough to seal the game.
2.27am: Andy wins the game but Rafa still leads with 4-3.
40-0, game nadal
2.31am: Rafa continues to lead with 5-3
at this point, andy is trying very hard. and it works for him.
2.37am: Andy holds his game a bit more. Rafa still leads with 5-4
alright, its time to really get into the business rafa. u have to use this game and win it to get through the final. Andy is really in great pressure.
40-0 now. ufff andy fight with stunning point. 40-15 but at the end, thats not enough for you, andy..
2.42am: Rafa win the set with 6-4.


but deep down inside, i feel sorry for andy murray. Rafa is too spectacular tonite.

So next match, he will play Djokovic at the FINAL. well, historically, Nole had beaten Rafa 4 times this year, but that wont stop Rafa to win for this coming Final Wimbledon 2011. i bet you.

i root for my Nadal!

ok, malam ini bole tidur nyenyak lagi. harap2 larat utk jogging pagi besok.

Nite nite..

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