Isnin, 3 Januari 2011

Random Question of the day.

a little too late to wish everyone as im not available in KL about couple of days. i ran from the hasle bustle KL to a completely different environment. Cool and tranquality, cameron higlands.

Nways, Happy New Year to all my beloved readers. Thank you for being here, still. :-)

Sempena tahun baru ini, kebiasaannya akan ditanya pelbagai soklan-soklan yang standard lagi berapi. hmm aku pasrah sambil membalas dengan senyuman yang paling manis setiap kali diajukan dengan soklan sedemikian.

Satu soklan yang aku mahu share di sini:

A friend :
Hey, you are no longer a 20s years old, you know. What make you waited so long to move on?
Me      :
wow. i dont expected you to ask me that kind of question. Anyhow, to tell you the truth, I have no issues with the 'move on' thingy. Believe me. Its just that, for the time being, it is important for me to be with someone who is patient with me - someone who knows when i have reached my limits and when i need a break to rejuvenate. and yeah.. it takes time to find the one like that.
moreover, i just love being the way i am now.

11 ulasan:

  1. i suppose ur fren never deal with 'moving on' himself/herself?

    p/s - i move on on seconds basis. it's just that the memories still lingers, for the longest time. we live with that :)

  2. and i love the way you are too! keep it up gal!

  3. we always cannot erase memories
    thats what brought us to life

    to learn from it

    the sweetest one
    help us to move FURTHER
    the bitter one
    help us to move STRONGER


    cheers mate!

  4. @redTupai:
    hmm entahle, pikir +ve jea la..
    "dia concern sebenarnye"

  5. @GB:

    :) tenkiu GB. aku pon suke kat ko. entry ko best best!

  6. dear mas, as long as u happy let it be and 1 more thing i love the way you are. :)

  7. @noreed:
    thanx noreed. i love the way you are too!

    aku sayang semua rakan2 blogku!!!!

    thnx for all your support :)

  8. that's true
    as long as we love urself, nothing to worry :)